For the month of February our Aistear theme was the Hospital. We had 5 stations;

  1. Construction: We worked together in our groups to design and build a hospital. We worked very hard to ensure that the hospital wouldn’t fall down. We tried our best to include all the different areas like the maternity ward, pediatric ward, x-ray department, A&E, geriatric ward and a place for the ambulances to arrive.
  2. Junk Art: We made lots of different items you would find in a hospital using the junk art box such as; stethoscopes, syringes, plasters, medicine bottles, tablets etc.
  3. Playdough: We used playdough to make medicine, stethoscopes, syringes and we even gave patients chicken pox!!
  4. Numbers: Number recognition game using die.
  5. Role Play: Acting out various hospital scenarios.

Have a look at some of our photos.