Hi everyone,

Please see below a selection of activities being completed at home by pupils in Killoughteen NS during the current COVID 19 School Closure. We will keep adding to this post as new pictures are emailed to the school.  (info@killoughteenns.com)


     Alan Blasko is Painting           Daniel Bobea made Pizza

  Ella Dowling did a project on World War II.

  Sheila Mai mixes the ingredients to make ….

  Yummy Scones.   Busy painting!

Noah and Charlie Quinn at the beach Holly plays guitar

Derek Flynn busy with his siblings and making his first trifle!


Emma on the farm Emma’s Bug hotel

Emma and Owen building.


Cillian and Isobel Shanahan busy with science experiments!

Noah Moroney & his SESE work!     Patrick Shanahan at work

Ciara Murphy misses her teacher                                                        Noah and Layla learning about capacity in the sunshine. 

Jamie Barrett did a project on trucks ( Click here to see it!)

Daniel Bobea with his beautiful paintings

    Emily Broderick is busy decorating.

Amy, Lexi, Courtney and Lucy O’ Brien made a cake

Agnius Karalius riding his bike.