Killoughteen NS are delighted to have had a Sensory Pod installed in our school for our pupils recently. This is a fabulous resource that will be of benefit to all our pupils for years into the future.

There will always be times when a child will be in need of a safe space to relax away from the stress of the classroom. The Sensory Pod offers a quiet, distraction free space with inbuilt music and lights that can be controlled and altered to meet the needs of an individual child. It has a mood light ceiling which is calming and relaxing. It can be changed instantly to the favoured colour. The space is fun, relaxing and appealing to any child, to spend any length of time.

It has an android screen and Bluetooth/ WIFI connectivity. This will enable our pupils to use the Sensory Pod in a multitude of ways. It is already being used in many schools and universities for pupils who have sensory processing needs, anxiety issues, a diagnosis of autism and are seeking a friendly environment.

We cannot wait to welcome our pupils back to school in the near future and give them opportunities to relax and learn in this beautiful space.

Please see below the Sensory Pod we have waiting for you all!