In first class we are placing an emphasis on “Treating Others As You Would Like To Be Treated”.  This is reflected in our classroom displays but more importantly in our everyday interactions with one another.  Also through prayer and thanksgiving each day the children are developing a sense of gratitude for the simpler things in life.


In First class we love to work with our hands.  Since September we have explored, investigated and created while learning lots and having fun.  We walked the beam while having a scream.  Not to mention when Spiderman entered the classroom on Halloween.  Our hearts danced when Spiderman chased us but luckily Mr. O’ Keeffe returned the next day.  Next we got the glue and made ghosts that said “Booooo.” “That’s enough Halloween for this year” but the children did not cheer.  It will be back again, no fear.



Science brought with it more excitement.  First class scientists were amazed by the travelling rainbow and the skittle experiment.  Jaws dropped and skittles popped…. however some went missing.  Maybe some children could not resist?  We will never know the mystery of the missing skittles.  Science really is magic!