First Class had fun science experiments with eggs this week. The children were shown some ordinary eggs and we discussed them. The children told knew that eggs were oval shaped, came from hens, were easy to break and messy if broken.

They were asked to predict if anyone could break an egg by squeezing it with one hand. All the class agreed that this was easy. We got a container, an egg and some volunteers. Numerous children tried to squeeze the eggs to break them but everyone failed! No strong people in first class.

The children were convinced the egg was fake so we cracked it into the container It was real!

Eggs were now impressive.

Next we put some plastic sheets on the floor and laid out 2 boxes of eggs. The children were asked to predict what would happen if they stood on the eggs. This time, they predicted that they might not break, but not very sure.

To keep the test fair, we discussed stepping onto the eggs gently and with flat feet covering all the eggs in the egg box at the same time. We got some volunteers to step onto the eggs! Again, amazingly none broke. The children learnt that even though the egg shell is weak, the way shells are designed makes them very strong.

Please see some pictures below.