We have gotten lots done in Junior Infants so far this year! We have settled into Killoughteen National School and have made plenty of friends.

In September we worked very hard on learning each others names, playing gently on the yard and getting our fingers nice and strong to be ready for drawing and writing. We talked about what we would like to be when we grow up! There were lots of different ideas from ballerinas to bakers.

We have also been very sporty this year, whenever it is dry we get outside to do lots of PE. We have learned playground games like ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, we have done gymnastics with Jill and we even had a go at football! We got lots of new toys for the yard from SSE Airtricity (thank you!) and have been learning to skip and throw with those.

Playing is a very big part of our day in Juniors. It gives a chance to use all the new language we have learned. We pick a theme for our play every month. So far we have done the themes of

  • School- some of us pretended to be teachers and students, we designed schoolbags, built schools and played with playdough.
  • Autumn/Halloween-we set up an Autumn market where we sold blackberry jam, warm jumpers and hot chocolate. We built homes for autumn animals and made autumn leaves. During the week before Halloween we made potions and masks!
  • The Doctor- we set up a doctors office in our classroom with medicine, injections, thermometers and all the other things doctors need. Children also made their own doctors kits and played with the ambulances and mini hospitals.

During science week we did our first experiment like real scientists. We worked really hard to use the words equipment and predict 😊 We know that equipment is all the things we need to do our experiment and predicting is telling the future! Miss Sweeney put lots of colourful skittles on a plate and we named their colours in English and Irish. Then we used our predicting sign and predicted what would happen when we added warm water to the skittles! All the colour washed off the skittles but we didn’t love the brown colour that was made when the colours mixed. So then we tried the experiment again with cold water. The colours did not mix and it was much better. We are looking forward to more experiments in Junior Infants.

We have learned lots, celebrated special occasions and been so kind to one another so far this year.

We can’t wait to see what else we can get up to this year,

Miss Sweeney and Junior Infants 😊