Today May 21st our Rainbow Class went on school tour. We were very excited this morning coming to school. We were all dressed up and couldn’t wait to go. Mr Curtin, Caroline and Trish went with us. It was a lovely sunny day.

We left school at 9:20am and went to Liskennett Equestrian Centre in Granagh. It was our first time to go on a horse. We loved it. Sheila Mai went on a beautiful horse called Dougie, Kaua went on Angel, and Bakhtawar went on Elvis. We had a long drive on horseback and smiled all the way around the farm. We went up and down little hills. It was great fun. We would like to thank all the people who worked in Liskennett for giving us a wonderful time. We can’t wait to go back again. We will visit it on June 13th.

Next we went to Adare Playground for some fun and games. The slides, swings, tunnels, and see-saws were great fun.

After having our fun in the playground we went to Isabella’s Restaurant in Newcastle West for some chicken nuggets/chips and a drink. It was very tasty. Thanks to Larry and everyone there.

Finally we went to the Fire Station in Newcastle West. Seamus Harold and Darren Hayes gave us a tour. It was the best fun. We tried on the firemen’s helmets and coats. We went for a drive on the fire engine and Darren turned on the sirens. It was cool. Then we all got a go to spray the water hose and make shapes in the air. We even tried to spray the teachers. Thanks Darren and Seamus.

Finally Timmy dropped us back to school. It was a great day. Look at some of our photos below. Click on the red links to see some videos.

Bakhtawar on horseback  

Kaua on horseback

Everyone on horseback

At the Fire Station