Second Class had lots of fun during Science Week and were very busy indeed. Each group carried out their own experiment and presented it to the class. There was lots of learning, great excitement and problem-solving involved as we worked our way through the investigation process. We compared our predictions from start to finish, recorded our observations and discussed the importance of fair testing. One thing’s for sure, we can all agree that we certainly have lots of budding young scientists here in our midst.

The Perfect Peaches were first up and made a Skittles rainbow. They watched and waited as a colourful rainbow magically appeared and learned that dye and sugar dissolve more quickly in warm, and not cold water.

Next to take to the stage were the Wonderful Wonkas who learned all about floating and sinking. They were tasked with the job of making their egg float and discovered that all that was needed was a little salt.

Then it was the turn of the Clever Crocodiles to make a Rain Cloud in a Jar. After adding the food coloring to the cloud, it got heavy and could no longer hold the weight of the water and rained down into the jar. It was quite the downpour!

Finally, it was time for the Fantastic Foxes to make their raisins dance. After mixing the vinegar and baking soda, we observed lots of bubbles form and suddenly, one-by-one the raisins started to lift to the surface and dance.

And to round the week off, we decided to take our experimenting outside and try out the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. Aaron kindly volunteered to add the Mentos to the Coke while we all took a step back. The bubbles of gas quickly got larger and shot to the top of the bottle. Suddenly, a roaring fountain of Diet Coke shot up into the air. It was the perfect end to a fantastic week of fun and science, and for lots of us our favourite part of the entire week.

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