During science week we did our first experiment like real scientists. We worked really hard to use the words equipment and predict 😊 We know that equipment is all the things we need to carry out our experiment and predicting is telling the future!

Miss Sweeney put lots of colourful skittles on a plate and we named their colours in English and Irish. Then we used our predicting sign and predicted what would happen when we added warm water to the skittles! All the colour washed off the skittles but we didn’t love the brown colour that was made when the colours mixed. Then we tried the experiment again with cold water. The colours did not mix and it was much better. We are looking forward to doing more experiments in Junior Infants.

We have also been working really hard on our building skills. During science week we found out that tall thin towers fall over really easily, and wider buildings are stronger. We use lots of tools and different kinds of blocks when we are building! So far this year we have built schools, haunted houses, nests and hospitals. Our buildings will be even better now that we know how to make them strong.