We celebrated Science Week 2018 by completing science activities every day. We completed the following this week:

Monday: We planted some Hyacinths. We put them on top of a glass vase with water in it. We put them into the dark in a press to trick the plant into thinking it is under the soil. We will check it every week to see how much the plant has grown.

Tuesday: We made a tornado in a jar. We put water in the jar with a spoon of vinegar and washing up liquid. We had great fun swirling it and looking at the mini volcano it created.

Wednesday: We did the dancing raisins experiment. We explored what happens raisins in regular water and sparkling water. It was great fun watching them dance.

Thursday: We looked at magnets and how they work. We designed a race track and used a magnet and paper clip to complete the course.

Friday: We did two activities to complete the week. In the morning Seniors looked at heating and cooling by making rice crispy buns. They made enough to share with all the class. We also made paper rockets. We used the force of our breath to make the rockets fly using a straw launcher. We had great fun seeing how far they would go.

Have a look at our pictures of the week working as scientists.