5th class have been working hard to earn their status as mathematicians since September. It’s time to show you some of their active maths activities which they have completed bringing them steps, leaps and jumps closer to their goal of being a fully fledged mathematician.

5th class having fun with some long multiplication games.


5th class are active participants in their own learning. We provide opportunities in class for children to develop their understanding of maths concepts whilst having fun. With the use of guided- discovery and problem solving the children are encouraged to use a wide variety of strategies and resources to create evidence-based answers.



Lines and Angles.

5th class pupils collected data based on their class to identify different topics such as shoe sizes in the class. The children then had the opportunity to engage with different statistics based on their own class whilst graphing their findings using different types of charts/graphs. They enjoyed looking at some trends in the class and creating colourful graphs for the whole school to see.