This month our Aistear theme is the Garden Center.


We planted spinach, lettuce, turnip, carrots, chives, gherkins, lemon balm, radish and even strawberries!! It is great fun watching them grow. We also learnt all about the different flowers you can find in the garden and the times when they bloom. We have put our plants on the window to make sure they get sunlight which is necessary for them to grow. We take turns watering them each day.


Junk Art:

We are using our Junk Art box to make flowers by cutting left over scraps of paper into 2D shapes and sticking them onto a page.



In our Aistear groups we work together to design and build a garden center. We had to make sure that the garden center was sturdy and it didn’t fall over. We had to have areas for deliveries, a glass house, outdoor flower beds, place to pay and a parking lot. We worked very hard on them. Some of us have decided that we would like to be builders and engineers when we grow up.


Peg Boards:

Developing fine motor skills and following patterns.


Play Dough:

Making different types of flowers using play dough.


Check out some of our photos.