‘Written by Ella McAuliffe, 6th class 2023’

Analog devices came to our school to build robots out of Lego with us. We were divided into groups with three or four people in each group. I was with Kieran Keogh  and Charlie Quinn. We were set a task to build and programme a robot out of Lego with the sets they gave us. They also gave us an iPad with an app that would let us programme the robot. The 2 people that came into us with the robots were walking around judging us on our design and coding. Kieran and I built the robot and Charlie programmed it. Then at the end they announced the runners up and the winners and said it was very close. Our team were the runners up and Lucy Alice and Evan won. Alice and Lucy couldn’t make it on the day so Charlie Kieran and I filled in along with Evan.

On the 6th of May the big competition was held in Analog Devices which saw over 120 primary school children take part. We arrived at about half nine with the workshop starting at ten. First, we had a little talk and then the fun began. We were each handed out a computer and a Lego set and started to get to work. We all helped to build the robot and we came across a few sets of challenges while building the robot but we solved the issues and built the robot. Next, we had to make different attachments like weapons to make our robot stronger. We made spikes on the tires, a shield on the back of the robot, 2 rods on each side and bigger spikes on the side and the front of the robot. They then put up the scores.

After lunch we did a few practice battles with different teams from different groups. After the practice battles the real ones began. We won our first, second, lost our third, won our fourth, lost our fifth and won our sixth. We were very unlucky at the end by missing out on the quarter finals by just 1 point. Broadford N.S came out on top and won the final with an excellent 3-0 in the end. We had such a brilliant day at Analog Devices and learned so much.