As we come towards the end of this school year we are delighted to announce that we have completed Year 1 of AsiAm’s Autism Friendly Schools Project. This is a continuous project to strive towards inclusion for all children in school especially Autistic students.

This year we have worked through areas of the AsiAm provided toolkit to support our staff and students in becoming an Autism Friendly School. This year we focused on planning and completing our new AS building, aiming to cater for all needs in our school while considering any future needs. To name a few areas we focused on creating learning specific zones for both life skills and academic skills, emotion regulating quiet zones and sensory seeking zones which we are very excited to open in September 2023.

This year we hosted our first ever Autism Event during April, Autism Month. The AsiAm Heads or Tails competition raised funds for AsIAm to allow them to continue their great work in supporting schools, parents and student with events, resources and advice.

Another main area of focus was educating all school personnel including students about Autism. We provided Autism specific courses for any adult in the school environment giving them tools to strive towards inclusion. This encouraged an open conversation about Autism within the school environment. We have provided a similar environment for all students in our school during the AsiAm workshop from 3rd to 6th class and encouraging integration and reverse integration throughout all classes. From these workshops, we have received many annoymonus questions from children seeking further understanding of Neurodiversity in our question postbox which will remain open.

We would like to thank all the Staff, Students and Parents for their continuous support towards striving towards inclusion and all the hard work which has gone in to get our new facilities to open in September 2023.

If anybody has any question or queries bout the Autism Friendly School projects or Autism please do not hesitate to email