On Wednesday the 6th of February, 1st class and the rainbow room visited Curraghchase with the LEAF programme. We brought our coats and our wellies and headed off on the bus. We were very lucky with the weather, the sun stayed out all day.

During our trip to the forest we learned about lots of different trees, their seeds and their buds (which are starting to come out because it is springtime!). We even saw a tree that comes from California that has spongy bark to protect it from fires. We learned about all the different animals that live in Curraghchase from tiny little worms to foxes and hawks. Rachel showed us the big house in Curraghchase, that went on fire many years ago and now has bats living in the basement.

We took a break to eat our lunch and since we had been so good, we even got to drink some hot chocolate. Then we went to explore the lake and the animals that live around it. We got to use magnifying glasses and we saw swans and their cygnets, woodlice, worms and spiders. While we were walking Rachel told us to be very quiet and to look at the leaves on the ground.

When we got really, really quiet we saw some mice running in and out of their homes to eat seeds. We finished off our day with some meditation on the hill looking out at the lake. All the children had a great day and can’t wait to learn more about forests and continue the LEAF program in school.