Our school has entered a competition with Friends of the Earth who are offering 4 primary schools and 4 secondary schools across Ireland who come up with a project to engage their community and make a real change on Climate Action a chance to become a solar powered school. We would love to be one of these lucky schools. We need your help!!

We brainstormed and came to the following conclusion. Single use plastic is a huge contributory factor to climate change. To reduce this we aim to install one central plumbed water dispenser in our school. This will drastically reduce the use of single use plastic water bottles being used in our school.

We also want to protect our trees, the very things that protect our world. Therefore, we now intend to get rid of paper towels for drying our hands in the school bathrooms and introduce electric hand dryers. This will add to our reduction in the use of paper. We currently sent out all notes/ school newsletters via email or the school app ‘Aladdin schools’.

We put our climate action plan message in song with a group of sixth class pupils, directed by Mr Liston. We hope you enjoy our video. Now we need your help!!  Please click here to vote for our school.

Cast your vote by clicking the thumbs up icon and ‘like’ your favourite video in this category. Schools with the most votes will progress to the next round where a team of independent judges will choose the winning schools.

There are 4 regional areas, and there will be a primary school and secondary school winner in each region. Our video is in the Southern Region. Vote now!! Voting closes on Friday February 28th at 5pm! Thank you!!