Science week in Killoughteen N.S saw all classes conducting some very interesting experiments. Both the Junior Infant classes joined together for science stations and completed 4 great activities. They made raisins ‘dance’ by adding them to sparkling water with baking soda! Juniors learned that the bubbles stuck to the raisins to pull them up to the surface. Juniors also had great fun sticking their sharp pencils into a plastic bag filled with water! They learned that if they stuck the pencil the whole way through the bag it would block the hole and no water would spill! We are looking forward to doing more experiments in Junior Infants.

Senior infants also did great work during science week! Senior Infants were very busy being musical scientists. In line with their Aistear theme ‘Sound’, they designed and made their very own musical instrument – shakers! This gave them the opportunity to explore ways of making various sounds using a range of materials. Once all of their shakers were made and ready to use, they swapped them around to identify which materials made the loudest and softest sounds. They found out that the materials that made the loudest sound were the peas (frozen) and the materials that made the softest sound were the raisins. They had lots of fun this science week!

First Class made a rainbow on a plate using skittles in their classroom. Their teacher Mr.Carmody put lots of colourful skittles on a plate and First class made predictions about what they thought would happen to the skittles when warm or cold water was added. They added water to the plate and the water washed the colour off the sweets. The colours did not mix and made a lovely rainbow.

4th class Investigated the way that water moves through plants. They added food colouring to water and watched as the coloured water travelled through a piece of celery. They then wrote up the experiment in their SESE copy! 4th Class were also really excited to make their own magic dough. They gathered their ingredients, followed the instructions and took home some very cool dough to play with!

All the classes in the school had great dun participating in Science Week this year and are looking forward to plenty more activities in their classrooms!