Steam Engineering

We started the STEAM engineering programme in 6th class at the start of October. Oisín was teaching us about all the various types of engineering and started by describing his own job as an Aeronautical engineer and later showed us the various other engineering areas that we rely on in everyday life.

Week 1: 

We started the STEAM engineering programme with civil engineering. We built bridges out of A4 paper and school books, The class tested the bridges with marbles ,rolling them across the paper. We also built birdhouses out of lollipop sticks , PVA glue and blu tack .

Week 2:

For the second week of the STEAM programme we did mechanical engineering. We built pulleys using plastic cones, wooden skewers ,wool ,blu tack and cylinders . The class tested the pulleys using different items. That week we also made windmills using plastic cones, skewers, foam pipes and blu tack. We tested the windmills with a fan to see if the blades would spin.

Week 3:

For the third week we started off with testing the PH levels in water. Each pair was given three cups, a mix of water and baking soda ,a mix of water and vinegar ,a cup of normal water and two PH level strips. After that we made boats using foam pipes, tape, wooden skewers, paper cartons and plastic cones . When they were finished we tested them in a shallow tray of water.

Week 4:

For the fourth week we did biomedical engineering. We were given out a card sheet with a hand to cut out . Once we cut it out we attached the straws with tape .We threaded the string through the straws  and secured them with tape at the wrist of the hand . We tested the hands by pulling the strings to see if the fingers moved.

Week 5:

For the final week of our programme we did electrical engineering. We made circuits using Play-Doh , LED bulbs , 9 volt batteries and wires .We connected the wires to the battery and connected the ends of the wires to two balls of Play-Doh , then we put each prong of the LED bulb into a different ball of Play-Doh ,making the LED bulb turn on.

Sixth class would like to thank Oisin for coming into us and giving us a great experience. We Loved it!!!!!