Well-being Week

Killoughteen National School held a ‘Well-being Week’ from 9th to the 13th  May 2022 as part of the ‘Amber Flag’ initiative, run by Pieta House. This involved the whole school community coming together to promote a safe, positive and healthy attitude towards our general physical and mental well-being.

For the second year in a row, our school has been awarded an Amber Flag for its efforts in promoting wellness throughout the school.

In preparation for well-being week, activities were organised by the Amber Flag Committee, made up of students from 4th to 6th Class.


Amber Flag Committee

Guided Meditation

To start off well-being week, students brought pillows and blankets from home and took part in Guided Meditation. Everyone was super calm and relaxed!


Art Competition

Students designed posters illustrating what makes them happy. Many of them included images of their families, friends and pets. It was lovely to see the talent displayed by pupils throughout the school. To make this activity even more appealing, art competition winners were treated to an ice-cream treat!


Art Competition Winners

‘Inside Out Day’

We held an ‘Inside Out Day’ where children wore colourful clothes and clothes inside out to represent that how someone looks on the outside does not always reflect how they are feeling. Therefore, it is important to always be kind and think of others. Together, our school collected over 400 euro for Pieta House, thanks to the efforts of staff, students and parents.


DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

All classes brought in their favourite books from home and were given the opportunity to read and discuss the books with their classes.

Well-being week proved very successful and the children at Killoughteen National School enjoyed a week full of relaxation and fun! Thanks to all staff, parents and students for taking part😊