On Thursday November 4th Senior Infants did some fun science experiments.

Firstly the class talked about how big machines can travel in the soft ground and agreed that they didn’t sink as thier weight was spread out.

We then got balloons and the teacher blew up 8 balloons. We popped the 1st one easily with a pen. All the pressure was put on one point of the balloon. It had to burst. Then Matei stood on another balloon. It pooped immediately.  Great roars all around.

Next Mr Curtin put 6 balloons on the ground. Sam swept the floor prior to this to make sure it was clean. Then Mr. Curtin put a table upside down on top of the 6 balloons. He asked some of us to stand on the table. We were scared. The ballons didn’t pop. It was amazing.

Look at the pictures below. Spreading out our weight on the table and across the balloons worked.


We did some other experiments on the day. Can you remember them Seniors?