Today, February 19th, the National Ambulance Service visited Killoughteen NS and meet our Superheroes, Paul Logue Jnr & Paul Logue Snr who saved the life of Mrs Mairéad Logue. (Cardiac arrest)

Mark Callanan and other members of the National Ambulance Service were on site today and gave all of our children an opportunity to learn all about the life of a paramedic and what their job is about. The children got opportunities to go into the ambulances, see all the equipment, get pulses taken, turn on the sirens etc. Mark and crew were extremely good to all our children and a great day was had by all.

Afterwards, Paul Logue Jnr spoke to fourth, fifth and sixth class pupils about his experience. Paul showed himself to be a very capable, and dependable young man when in a very stressful situation. All the children were very proud of their school mate as they listened carefully to his story.

We all learned to call 999 or 112 in the event of an emergency and to remain calm and follow the directions of the emergency control centre. Paul Logue Jnr, our Superhero was presented with a beautiful piece of crystal from the National Ambulance Service as a Bravery Award.

Paul Snr and Jnr were thanked again by Mairéad for their courage and bravery in her time of need.
Our school staff were recently retrained in the use of our school’s defibrillator and it was Mairéad who had initially promoted the idea to get a defibrillator for our school community. Thankfully we have never had to use it to date. If it is ever needed please contact the school during school hours or alternative contact Newcastle West Gardaí to gain access.